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Parents & style

Updated: May 19, 2021

There is always a reason why we have certain taste in clothes, music or anything else. I also have my own style and there are many reasons why I've chosen it (or it's chosen me), and my parents have played a great role in it.

My father is an architect and used to work on city planning projects mostly. Growing up I visited him at work and see the whole process every week: giant paper sheets, enormous size desks, blueprints and amazing sketches all over his office. According to my parents, I had photographic memory as a child and I used to "copy sketch" those exact drawings after we got home.

I just loved those lines, sharp angles, clean "black on white" mess (if clean mess is possible at all). It all made sense to me. And his office always smelled with paper, foreign magazines about architecture from around the world in languages I didn't understand. However, photos and drawings didn't need words for me to fall in love with them.

My mother is a delicate soul and I could see how it had effected her drawings in her sketchbooks I used to go through over and over everyday: swans gliding on the surface of a lake at sunset or a beautiful woman soundly sleeping in giant man's arms. I would go through her photo album of when she used to be a university student and I was a total fan of her style, the vibe all of her looks gave: feminine romantic minimalism.

I loved everything my parents were talented at and wanted to have that feeling of being good at expressing yourself. To me being able to express yourself through music, dance or drawings is like knowing another language.

At the beginning I deliberately combined my father's sharp clean lines with my mother's softness in my drawings. Years later it became mine as well. I started incorporating new things I loved about the world while traveling and experiencing life in other countries with cultures drastically different from mine, getting inspiration from everything I see.

Seeing parents doing something well is incredibly important to a child, whether it's cooking, dancing, writing or anything else. It can be the core of the child's dreams and goals, his/her style.

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