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I am Asel' and it is my pleasure to greet you here. This brand was launched a few years ago in Prague and I did it out of true love and passion for design, not fashion, that is why I refer to myself as a designer, and not exclusively a fashion designer.  I strongly believe that true sustainability can be achieved when we love and cherish what we own. We should be choosing and purchasing clothes same way we choose our friends and life partners - by falling in love with them. We intend to keep good people in our lives for as long as possible, same should be with everything else

My collections are always limited to 5-6 garments for each model and are never to be repeated. Inspired by Japanese, Kyrgyz and Korean cultures and nature with its' serene vibe, each garment is handmade by one person from start to finish and made of natural fibers only. 


Born in a family of architects, artists and musicians, I can't stop making changes until I get clean cuts, clear lines and bright soul in everything I make & wear.

I demand from my clothes comfort and sustainability of the times when it wasn't a question of saving the planet but question of quality, uniqueness of style and timeless design.


Every woman deserves to see confident person in the mirror and keep that feeling throughout the day wearing her clothes. That should make it easy for her to concentrate on her goals & achievements. 

When it's done correctly, It's not fashion, it's style. 

Style is something we all have, and it has to serve us well. 



Look Effortless, Feel Priceless. 

Yours Sincerely,

Asel' Beksultanova

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